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Волокна волос

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  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Designed for strong and thick hair.
  • Contains keratin fibers and herbal extracts.
  • International Value Added Award.
  • Luis Bien products were nominated for the «Best Product of the Year» award.
  • Award for Best Customer Experience of the Year.





Волокна волос

Feel the effect right now

  • Gives hair a strong and plump look.
  • Eliminates the appearance of sparse hair in just a few seconds.
  • Nourishes and helps strengthen hair.
  • Renews hair follicles with natural extracts contained in it.

What do hair extension fibers do?

  • Masks the appearance of rarity and baldness in the hair.
  • Resistant to water and sweat. Makes hair fuller and fuller all day long.
  • Suitable for daily use.
  • Makes hair thick and voluminous in 5 seconds.
  • In a box of 20 gr of the product.

Nourishing effect

Hair Building Fibers is enriched with ginseng extract and provitamin B5.

Color Options

Suitable for all hair types with 5 different color options to suit you and ease of use.

Easy to use

Suitable for daily use. Easily washed off with shampoo.

How to use?

  • Make sure the area to be treated is dry before starting the procedure.
  • Apply to the area you wish to apply by spraying from a distance of 7.5-15 cm.
  • Using a comb, scan the area to be treated.
  • If you want, you can use hairspray to fix it.


Ginseng extract

Nourishes hair follicles and cares for hair.

Keratin fibers

It creates thick and plump hair by curling the hair strands.

Herbal extracts

Gives shine and vitality to the hair.

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  1. Hamish Thompson

    These are just brilliant. So many people cannot believe it when I tell them I basically have a huge bald patch at the back of my head because this covers it up so well. It can be a little messy, and takes getting used to to work out the best way to apply it for yourself but once used to it you won’t want to lose this product.

  2. Mason Scott

    This product is amazing . Ordered it to cover thinning hair at side of my head and it does just that . I would recommend to anyone with thinning hair to buy this product. I can now tie my hair up with confidence.

  3. Jonathan Smith

    This product has honestly changed my life. I have sparse hair in certain areas, which meant that I always had to have my parting in the same way every day. Since trying this, I have been able to wear my hair in all different ways!! It’s like adding hair to your hair!!! It truly is amazing and I can not recommend enough

  4. Leon Wilson

    Amazing. So easy. Looks natural. Tap it like salt.

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What Is Hair Building Fibers?

Luis Bien Hair Building Fibers was developed to cover sparse areas in the hair. It integrates with the hair strands and contributes to the hair strands to appear thicker and denser. Natural extracts and keratin proteins in its special formula care for the hair. It easily adapts to your hair color with 5 different color options. Keratin proteins, which are the building blocks of hair, help the hair look natural. Its powerful formula makes its effect felt on the hair throughout the day. It contributes to give the hair a voluminous and fuller appearance for hours without flowing and dispersion.

What Does Hair Building Fibers Do?

Luis Bien Hair Building Fibers is a product specially developed for people who experience thinning and shedding in their hair. As well as filling the sparse and empty areas in the hair, it also provides extra care to the hair thanks to its natural content. Thanks to its strong formula, it preserves its permanence in hair throughout the day. Thanks to its different color options and easy use, it is suitable for all hair types.

Where to Buy Hair Building Fibers?

The best choice to buy Hair Building Fibers is from Luis Bien. The orders you place on our site are carefully packaged and sent to you.

Is Hair Building Fibers Approved by the Ministry of Health?

Luis Bien Hair Building Fibers has been issued by the Ministry of Health and complies with the regulation. You can control by entering the barcode number on the Ministry of Health Product Tracking System.

Before and After

We share the experiences and images of our customers before and after using hair plumpers on our social media accounts. We strongly recommend that you follow Luis Bien on Instagram, Facebook, Ekşi and Youtube. You can also review the blue serum comments on our product page.

Which Color Hair Building Fibers Should I Use?

The most important thing when using hair powder is naturalness. You can catch the natural look by choosing the color that best suits your hair color among 5 different color options of Luis Bien.