/ Blue Keratin Hair Care Milk

Blue Keratin Hair Care Milk

  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Contains hydrolyzed keratin.
  • Provides hair strenghtening by care for hair from bottom to the top.
  • Helps dry and weak hair moisturize.
  • It gives a bright and voluminous appearance to the hair.
  • International Value Adding Brand Award.
  • Luis Bien products were nomineed for the «Best Product of The Year Award».
  • Best Customer Experience of The Year Award.




Blue Keratin Hair Care Milk

Healthy and Strong Hair with Blue Keratin Hair Care Milk

  • Blue Keratin Hair Care Milk has been specially developed for intensive hair care.
  • It is very effective in removing hair dryness, breakage and dull appearance on the hair.
  • It contributes to the faster growth of the hair by caring for the hair follicles.
  • Thanks to its effective content, it strengthens the hair and helps prevent spills.
  • Provides moisture care for hair from root to tip.
  • It gives a lively and voluminous appearance to the hair.

What Does Blue Keratin Treatment Milk Do?

  • It repairs broken, burnt and damaged hair ends by feeding them from the inside.
  • It is very effective in preventing static and frizz of hair.
  • It helps the hair to take shape more comfortably.
  • There is 400 ml product in the box.

No More Hair Loss

It provides a healthy and bright look to hair by repairing split ends.

Nourishing Care

It nourishes the hair from root to tip, allowing it to grow fast. It prevents spills by breaking.

Voluminous Hair

It nourishes, repairs and strengthens the hair strands. It provides you with thick and healthy hair strands.

How to Use?

  • Blue Keratin Treatment Milk should be applied to clean hair.
  • Apply the product by massaging it from the roots to the ends.
  • It is recommended to stay on the hair for 4 to 24 hours after application.


Hydrolyzed Keratin

It nourishes and regenerates the hair. It protects the hair strands by wrapping. It prevents the damage caused by paint and high temperature.

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What is Blue Keratin Hair Care Milk?

It is a product formulated to nourish, repair and strengthen hair. It nourishes and cares for hair from root to tip with its keratin content. It provides you with full, voluminous and healthy hair.

Does Blue Keratin Hair Care Milk Work?

With Blue Keratin Hair Care Milk, your hair will have a bright and healthy hair appearance. You can notice the shiny texture left on the hair at first use. In regular use, it strengthens the hair and prevents spillage by breaking. It eliminates static and fine-strand appearance of hair. It supports you to achieve an eye-catching hair look.