/ Волокна для роста бороды

Волокна для роста бороды

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  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Contains keratin and plant extracts.
  • Designed for thicker and stronger beards.
  • International Value Added Award.
  • Luis Bien products were nominated for the «Best Product of the Year» award.
  • Award for Best Customer Experience of the Year.





Волокна для роста бороды

Feel the power of your beard

  • Thanks to its powder form, it integrates with all beard strands.
  • Helps the beard look thicker and thicker.
  • Provides a natural and thick look to the beard area.
  • Thanks to its clean and strong formula, it maintains its effect on the beard throughout the day.
  • Resistant to water and sweat.

What do fibers do to create a beard?

  • Makes beard thicker and fuller in just 1 minute.
  • Creates a thick look by wrapping the roots of the beard.
  • Thickens beard strands.
  • Provides gentle beard care.
  • In a box 200 gr of the product.

thick beard

It creates a thicker and more voluminous look thanks to its powdery form that surrounds the beard.

All day effect

Its effect lasts all day thanks to its water and sweat resistant form.

Easy to use

It's very fast and easy to use.

How to use?

  • First, make sure the beard area is clean and dry.
  • Apply the fibers to the desired area from a distance of 5-10 cm.
  • Thanks to the special applicator on the tip, you can easily apply the product to the desired area.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.



Nourishes and renews the beard. Helps strengthen the roots of the beard.

natural fruit extracts

It provides vitamin support to the beard thanks to the natural fruit extracts it contains.


Creates a thick and voluminous beard by clinging to the beard.

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  1. Nate Carr

    It works well! Very easy to apply.

  2. Ian Jefferson

    What thin spot!!!!! This stuff works great!!!!!
    Looks natural…easy to apply….will order again!!

  3. Nolan Hendrix

    I love this product. It’s works very good on filling in the patchy beard. I got and gives me alot more confidence when I use it.

  4. Robert White

    Great product!! Fills in the sparse areas well!
    Love this product!!

  5. Lucas Porter

    I use this product daily on my clients…Super results…

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What Is Beard Building Fibers?

Beard Building Fibers is designed to give sparse and lifeless beards a thicker and voluminous appearance in seconds. Thanks to its fiber content, it fills the beard gaps and creates a fuller and thicker beard appearance. It creates a healthier and thicker beard appearance by wrapping the beards. You can have the beard of your dreams with 30 seconds of easy application.

How to Use?

Beard Building Fibers is very easy to use. You can apply it on clean and dry beards. You can apply it to sparse areas of your beard, or to the whole if you wish. After sprinkling the powder on your beard, distribute it with your hand or with a beard comb. Enjoy voluminous and strong beards all day long.

Does Beard Building Fibers Work?

The customer satisfaction rate of the beard building fibers is 94 out of 100. Those who use beard powder are very satisfied with the product. You can have a strong and thicker beard all day long with beard building fibers that gives results in just seconds. You can see our customers' before and after images on our Instagram official page.

What Does Beard Building Fibers Do?

Luis Bien Beard Building Fibers makes sparse and lifeless beards look voluminous and strong in seconds. It is specially designed for those who have sparse beards, those who have beard loss problems and those who want to have thicker beards. It thickens the beard strands by wrapping them and creates a perfect beard appearance by filling the gaps in the beard area. You can get a natural look by choosing one out of 5 color options closest to your beard color.

What Does The Users Recommend?

Those who use Beard Building Fibers are quite satisfied with the product. You can easily use the product, which is developed for daily use and all day long effect. You do not need to re-apply during the day. It does not come off with rain or sweating. You can review the user comments and before and after images on our Instagram account.